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ResHelper hasn't installer. Just unpack zip file to directory and run ResHelperManager.exe file. This application needs NET 3.5 SP1 framework installed.

Creating new ResHelper solution (Step-by-Step)

1. New solution

New solution you can create through application menu. You must enter solution name. Solution file has rhsln file extension. If you have got your localization solution included in Visual Studio solution, you can register ResHelper through "Open with..." for this kind of files. There is one big limitation of ResHelper, because ResHelper can't checkout files automatically if you using source control. Before each translation you must checkout all language xml files include rhsln file.

2. Add new languages to solution

If you create a new solution, dialog with language selection will be displayed automatically. Any additional languages can be added to solution later in this dialog window.


3. Creating categories and resource strings

All resource strings are grouped in categories. Creating of string out of category is not allowed. In add string dialog window you can select initial language in which you are working and you can type the resource string content. There are options for special parameters (comma delimited) for translated string (used by example solution in source codes) and commetary for translator. Resource string editor accepts returns and tabs as well.

If you wouldn't translate some language, just check "Forced" checkbox, and untranslation warning is disappeared. Automatic translation is available under "down-arrow" button. Source language must be selected before automatic translation (combo near this button).


4. Copy, paste and other toys


Copy & paste

Copying and pasting is possible in one ReshHelper categories tree and between two ResHelper application, too. You can copy and paste selected resource string or selected category. Category will be copied with all contained resource strings.

Translation buttons

Focus untranslated - this function sets focus on first untranslated resource string and opens string editor for untranslated string
Expand untranslated - this function expands all untranslated categories (translated categories will be collapsed)

Global application shortcuts


5. Just save the ResHelper solution and continue in development .........

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